Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical company received European Commission (EMA) approval to market the new fast-acting insulin brand Fiasp in 28 European Union countries, as well as Norway and Iceland. On March 27, 2017, the drug began to enter the Canadian market.

Insulin Vial 10 ml 100iu/ml;
Insulin Flextouch 5×3.0ml 100iu/ml;
Insulin Cartridge 5×3.0 ml 100iu/ml.
To buy these or any other insulin products from our company, you will need to attach a valid prescription for the drug from the doctor. Without the prescription, our specialists will have to decline your order.

What kind of insulin is Fiasp?
Insulin Aspart that comprises the base for insulin is a fast-acting human analog insulin. In the molecular structure of this insulin, the amino acid proline in position B28 is replaced by aspartic acid, which reduces the tendency of molecules to form hexamers, which is observed in ordinary insulin solutions.