The brand name Lantus for insulin products was registered and officially introduced to the USA pharmaceutical market in 2001. It became a real sensation, a revolutionary, innovative drug for the treatment of diabetes mellitus LANTUS (insulin glargine), which is the first and only analog of human insulin, a single administration of which provides 24-hour basal glycemic control.

The appearance of long-acting insulin to decrease blood sugar levels produced by the Aventis company has become a new stage in the development of the pharmaceutical insulin market. Developed on the basis of the latest advances in genetic engineering technology, LANTUS can be considered the first “truly basal” insulin of the 21st century. The drug, an analog of human insulin, was created using recombinant DNA technology, which made it possible to change the sequence of amino acids in the A and B chains of the molecule.

Currently, insulin Lantus is presented in 3 basic forms of release: Lantus Cartridges 100 Units/ml, Lantus Solostar Pens 100 Units/ml, and Lantus Vial 100 Units/ml. All these variations of Lantus insulin are available for purchase on at the best prices in the USA market. Please be aware that you will have to provide a valid prescription for the drug from your doctor. Otherwise, we will not be able to ship your order.

What kind of insulin is Lantus?
Lantus medication for diabetes mellitus injection of 100 units/ml is based on long-acting insulin glargine developed as an analog of human insulin, which has low solubility in a neutral medium. It is completely soluble due to the acidic environment of the solution for injection (pH 4). After injection into the subcutaneous tissue, the acidic solution is neutralized.